Long Time No Post

I have been so bad about posting, and keeping up with the things that I need to get done. I am behind on all of my book reviews (BUT I have been trying to keep up with my readings) so I need to get back on that. I am also in the process of moving yet again so that makes things even slower. I do apologize but here is a list of things I plan on accomplishing very soon.


Books To Review:

  1. Shadows of Atlantis Awakening written by Mara Powers
  2. Rain Saga written by Riley Barton
  3. Flickers written by Arthur Slade
  4. Red Death written by Jeff Altabef

Writing Projects:

  • I am currently trying to finish my Nanowrimo novel, I’m about 30,000 words into a 50,000 word project. Once my rough draft is complete I will be able to have it reviewed for editing purposes and then work on getting it published. I am looking into self-publishing so I will keep everyone updated about that.

Business Project:

  • One perk of moving is that we will have a lot more space. This means I am going to have the ability to expand and really work on my craft business. I am looking at eventually getting both angora goats and rabbits. I am extremely excited to learn to card, spin, and dye my own wool. This will be a major perk for me since I have an allergy to sheep wool which limits the materials I am able to use.
  • I will also be able to build up a stock of items to start participating in actual craft fairs and festivals. My goal is to have a nice stock of “geek” inspired items to be able to participate in our local Comicon.


Thank you to all of you who have followed me in the past and who continue to do so despite my horrible abilities at keeping up with life. And if you are just joining me, next year is being more scheduled so I will not fall so behind on posting.


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