Fantasy Friday: 3 Countries I Dream of Visiting (part 1)

Welcome back! I’ve been awful about posting, but I made myself a goal – I will blog more!! Actually I’m trying to figure out how to use blogging with my daughter’s school work, but that is another kettle of fish. So to start off on the right foot I want to talk about #fantasyfriday. These posts will be dreams I have, travel, adventure, or just a nap.

For my first Fantasy Friday I want to tell you a little about my travel dreams. The one place I have always wanted to visit is Scotland. Can you imagine it? Close your eyes, go on, picture it. So I did what any would be traveler does, I researched (which is about the limits of my budget right now). Doing my research I discovered a little jewel known as the Fairy Pools. Yes you heard me correctly – Fairy Pools!

According to, the Fairy Pools are located at the foot of the Black Cullins near Glenbrittle. They are described as beautifully crystal clear blue pools on the River Brittle. I have included some pictures (credit goes to Isle of Skye) and it looks extremely magical.


The hike to the pools is said to take 2.4km (about 1.5 miles) and should take about 40 minutes. Now I’m not big on exercise but judging from the pictures it would be worth it to make the trek.


This spot has definitely made my bucket list and I hope one day to be able to enjoy it and the other hidden wonders of Scotland.


So tell me, have you made the trip to visit this magical spot? Do you have a place you just dream about visiting? Drop me a comment, I would love to hear from you and maybe discover a new hidden gem. Until next time, safe travels.



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