Friday Check In

So Monday I decided to make a check list so that I could make myself more organized. This is my list:

  1. Finish Doctor Who CAL Square #7
  2. Finish Mandala Madness CAL Week 11
  3. Finish 20 Ice Cream Bookmarks
  4. Write up a business plan for my Etsy/Facebook store
  5. Wednesday Travel Post
  6. Make some business related tweets on Twitter
  7. Work on Seven Deadly Sins Poems
  8. Write up math work for my child
  9. Finish reading Sea of Shadows
  10. Write up a book review for Sea of Shadows

Not a terrible list right? Well I think that I have done ok (there is still the weekend). So far I have finished #1,5,6, and 9. So 4/10 isn’t the best but it is better than nothing. I did work on the bookmarks, I have 4 finished and parts for another 5 ready to be sewn together so I should be able to finish those tonight. Also I did the hard part and finished reading Sea of Shadows so now I can write up the review and have it ready to be posted on Monday. The sheer size of my mandala blanket is what is keeping me from it, already it fits on my queen size bed and when you don’t have the best ac it’s hard to want to have something that heavy sitting on your lap.

So even though I didn’t quite get everything done so far this week, I will be able to have most of it done before Monday. I think making lists might be the way to help me get myself back on track to getting more organized. So how do you work on organizing your life? Any tips for me and my readers? Don’t forget that I would love to hear from you, and have a great weekend.


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