Wednesday Wanderings #1

So I am sure most of you in social media land have heard of hashtags, like Wednesday has been popular for #WCW or Woman Crush Wednesday. I want to start a new one, #WednesdayWanderings. I’m going to try to post pictures on Wednesday of places that I have been to within the previous week. (I’ll also be posting my #WIP or works in progress).

This week I want to talk about a place I found this past Sunday while driving around. We went up to Altus, Arkansas which is pretty much our version of wine country. They have so many wineries and grape fields. BUT nestled off to the side is a beautiful little Catholic Church. It is St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

For more info about the church itself check out I was not able to go into the church (hey I’m not one to interrupt a mass), but I did take in the beautiful scenery outside the church. They have this amazing view of the River Valley and some really beautiful statuary placed in these little nature spots.

A little info from (under their attractions tab):

St. Mary’s Catholic Church: 1902 Roman Basilica-style church known for its paintings and ornate goldleaf work. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Who doesn’t love seeing these historic buildings? But enough of that how about some pictures?


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