Summer Reading Kick Off

So on Saturday (June 4th) the library did their summer reading kick off. They had live music, wild games, a craft/bake sale and silent auction, and a car wash. Let me tell you for a rainy Saturday at the start of summer it was a huge success. They were using this opportunity to help raise funds for library programming.Many people think that libraries are just places to get books, but they can and do offer so much more. It’s true that you can check out books of all genres but they also offer puzzles, games, and even fishing poles. Then there is the free WiFi and computer access (nominal fees for printing of course). BUT did you know some libraries have a monthly game night? Or what about a free movie night? (Ours is offering Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies as this month’s movie) What about book clubs. or even writers groups? Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Some libraries might even offer a dungeon night.

I will admit as a home schooling family I am pretty partial to our library. They let us get books without breaking the budget, and since we are tight with one of the librarians she even gets us books from other states (ok so they will do that for anyone with their interlibrary loan program). So as summer kicks off across the U.S. go show your local library some support. They might just surprise you. I’ll keep you updated with our events, so drop me a comment and let me know what your library is doing (or what you are doing for your library).


Keep on reading (and be on the look out for some new book reviews and craft projects coming from me.) And be safe as you enjoy your summer holidays.


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