Getting Closer

May is quickly drawing to a close. The next week is going to be super busy on my end. In the coming days this is what is going on:

  1. Writing Group: We met yesterday and talked to a local magazine. The River Valley Journal of Art. ( They are looking for a fresh face (people who have not been heavily published etc) to grace their pages. The items that he showed us as examples were definitely on the unusual side which works great for the group. We are the type that like to dance to our own beat.
  2. Library Craft Sale and Summer Reading Kick Off: On June 4th the local library is having its summer reading kick-off. Part of that is going to be an auction and craft fair to help raise money for library programs (like the writing group, book club, teen events, computer classes, etc) and to help raise money for the building fund to raise money to expand the library.
  3. Feel Better Friends: These doll requests are coming in so fast we are getting them back to back. For more information on this charity (or to donate or become a volunteer) check out Or look for them on Facebook. (
  4. Then off course there are my own personal projects (that I try to work on as I can). I am also reading The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff than I will be starting Sarah’s Key (our book for the June meeting)

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