Tuesday Writing Group

So my daughter and I participate in a weekly writing group (yes it is meant for teens but they needed more people so I participate as well). We discuss different writing styles, last month we did poetry (April is National Poetry Month), and then we write and discuss. Sometimes there are prompts other times it’s just a free writing time.

The adult group that meets right after us has published an anthology (River Valley Writers Presents Scenes of the South An Anthology) which got us interested in making one as well. The kids, and adults (we have 2 adults besides me one is a library employee and the other is a local author Miss Brandy Nacole), are working on short stories and/or poems to be published.

This has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter, she works every night at the computer pushing up her word count to try to get her work finished. Once everyone submits their work we will work of fine tuning it and then on to try to get it published. To think that our kids are going to have their names out there as published authors is an amazing thought.

I will keep you posted as things progress towards our future publication date. This is most definitely a busy time of year. Between writing club, book club, summer reading program coming up in June and trying to start my craft business (this is the start of craft fair season in my area also) I will hopefully have plenty to talk about.



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