Just an update

So life has been a little crazy the last few months. I had to move from where I was living and an now in a new place, new house, new city, new county. I’m a person who normally despises change of any kind, it’s a flaw I know I need to work on, but I really like my routine. Well since moving I’ve been without internet unless I’m at the library so keeping up with things has been difficult. We got our internet connected yesterday so I’m hoping to start getting back to a more normal routine. I’ve got a few things I need to catch up on, my book reviews for one. I’ve got around for books waiting to be read and reviewed. I’m also working on a crochet temperature blanket for this year but I’m about the weeks behind on it since I’ve been dealing with bronchitis and no energy. Once I’m completely well I’m looking forward to catching up on my blanket, and getting back into my charity work with Feel Better Friends. So for now it’s all catch up but things are starting to turn back around. Here’s a doodle to catch your eye that I worked up this morning. Happy Thursday everyone.



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