Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody was a nice young man, or so the neighbors all thought. Looking back they realized he rather kept to himself and never joined in any town events. But never once did he cause a commotion, not like other young men his age. It took the town a long while to realize just what secrets he kept locked away.
Mr Nobody might have been quiet, but he was rather fond of the ladies. It seemed like every weekend he was seen with a different girl. They were all very similar too. He preferred his girls to be slight of frame and fair of hair. They had an almost angelic quality to them that made other men take notice whenever Mr Nobody walked down the street with them.
It might have been the fact that deep down Mr Nobody was an extremely jealous man, so jealous that no girl ever lasted to a second date, or it might have been that he was dreadfully dull and the girls just grew bored of him. No matter the reason, every week it was a new girl.
Now given that Mr Nobody was a reasonably attractive young man, this might not have been anything to take a second glance at, but a second glance was taken. Mr Nobody had a very nosey neighbor the town referred to as Mrs Busybody. She was relatively harmless in the way that most little old ladies are, but she was extremely lonely with no family near by. This caused her to pay special attention to her neighbors, just so she would have something to do. People were ever so much more entertaining than the telly.
It was late one Friday evening that Mrs Busybody happened to notice Mr Nobody coming home with yet another pretty little girl. Mrs Busybody really liked the looks of this one, and secretly hoped she might stick around. Well as was very normal routine she sat and watched out her front window until very late in the night, falling asleep in her chair just as dawn was breaking over the horizon. Not once did she notice that pretty young thing leave the home of Mr Nobody.
It was several days later that Mrs Busybody noticed a strange smell coming from Mr Nobody’s yard. Being a curious person she went to investigate and much to her surprise she found his pretty young companion. She also found what used to be several other pretty young things. They were all chopped up and packaged, ready to ship to the local meat processing plant where Mr Nobody worked. Apparently there was a market for blondes after all.


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