Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash

Everyone has a dream that others might not understand. What happens to those dreams when you die? Do they die with you? I just finished reading Pokergeist, which was kindly given to me by the author Michael Phillip Cash in exchange for this review. I loved it. It was a very quick read for me, it’s about 239 pages long so it is easily finished in a few nights.

This book starts out by introducing us to Clutch Henderson. Clutch is what most people would call a professional poker player, but he is in a slight bind. He owes his bookies and to be honest his dream is to win the International Series of Poker (not a real event but is loosely based on the World Series of Poker). He is down to the last person, Adam “the Ant” Antonowski. This is it, his big chance and it looks like he might win, that is until the last card is turned over giving the Ant a winning hand, and Clutch a deadly heart attack. Clutch doesn’t give up easily, he sticks around for a while.

This story then picks up a year later with our main character, Telly Martin. Telly is not a pro in any way shape or form. But he’s been dealt a bad hand in life. Due to downsizing he loses his job, and his house. His girlfriend (who is a character I have a hard time liking honestly) encourages him to follow his dream for once, so Telly tries his “hand” at the life of a professional poker player with his sights set on the International World Series. Winning would mean he would have a better life, for him and his family. But Telly is no good at the game.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this novel as it explains the game through Clutch coming in and “helping” Telly. We learn that not all dreams die, and not all dreams are really about what we think they are. Sometimes they are just the means to a second chance.

Even if you don’t like poker, or ghosts (hey one of the main characters is a ghost here), this is still a great read to pick up on a rainy (or not so rainy) day. It might feel a little slow in the middle but the end is definitely worth the wait. I sure didn’t see it coming. So all in all I give this book 4/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who might be looking for something different.


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