As the darkness slips away for the breaking of the new dawn, life can sometimes feel bleak and hopeless. It is in these twilight hours that you can begin to imagine all of the ways your life can begin to go wrong. It is during these hours that even the slightest noise can mean the end of everything you hold dear.

Twilight tests the faith of even the strongest of men. People who would normally be capable of carrying the world on their shoulders are reduced to tears in an instant. They hide in their homes hoping that no one will learn their secrets. No one wants to be laid bare and put under examination, but everyday they put themselves under a microscope of their own making.

Some secrets are worse than others, but to the people hiding those secrets, no one could be hiding anything worse. They hide all of their lies hoping to maintain the face of strength that they put on before going out in public. No one can know the pain that they keep locked up inside.

I have seen grown men weep over a mistake they made when they were young. They remember all of the people they regret letting go of, the ones they allowed to stay even when they knew it was wrong, and the ones they were too afraid to approach. I’ve watched women fall to pieces over broken hearts and missed opportunities.

We try to teach our sons to be strong, the protector of the family, but why don’t we teach them that sometimes it is okay to ask for help? We tell our daughters that it is okay to be emotional, women just have more feelings than men don’t they, but why don’t we teach them that there is no shame in being strong or even detached when things become to much to handle?

Why are we teaching our girls to be ashamed of who they are and what they look like? No one should be blamed for being the victim, no matter what they were wearing. Why do we set the double standards? We don’t need to keep lowering the bar and allowing our young men to take advantage of women because they can’t control their lust. It isn’t the fault of our daughters because we haven’t taught our sons what no actually means.

There shouldn’t be harsher treatment for our girls if they want to experiment than there is for our boys. Why is Johnny considered more of a man for having sex, but Sally is branded as a slut? The same night of passion has two different outcomes, but only one will ruin a life.

The girl who is called a slut will no longer fit in. Her friends will shun her, even if they are the ones doing the same things she is. Why should they suffer the consequences? She was the one that got caught after all. Johnny might stick around for a while, but she is no longer a challenge to him. His friends are pushing him to go after a new prey all while trying to get to Sally themselves.

Puritan beliefs were fine once upon a time, but society is changing. Our kids are being exposed to adult topics at much younger ages. They are expected to grow up well before they are ready. The ones that are left behind are now mocked by people they once considered friends.

The would is breeding a new generation of bullies who are only worried about how they can make themselves happy. Life has become all about filling your desires as fast as you can with no regards for who you step on along the way.

When will we wake up and see the damage we are causing? How long will we hide from ourselves and those nearest to us because we don’t want to be seen as weak? I dream of a world where my child will be seen as both strong and caring. One day she will be able to achieve her dreams without being afraid of trying to make it in a so-called “man’s” world. One day it will be okay for her to be okay with who she is, and she can be proud of her accomplishments without fear of ridicule.

And maybe someday, I’ll be okay too, once the twilight passes into the dawn.


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