Haunted Houses and Volunteering

It’s Halloween season which in my family is a big deal. I remember my mom going all out on decorations every year (to be fair she did the same for Christmas) and we got to watch all the really cool movies. Well now I have a child of my own and she’s just as into it as I am. Where we live no one would see the decorations (got to love county life) and she’s at the age where most people frown on her going trick or treating. Normally we go to our church’s trunk or treat but due to Halloween being on the same day as the town’s annual fall fest they aren’t doing it this year. So what are we doing? Spending countless hours volunteering at our local library to help put on the third annual teen/young adult haunted house. We have been building walls out of boxes and plastic, helping to plan costumes and makeup, and for the last two days painting a mural. We are working alongside other teens and parents as well as local college students. It has been a learning experience (it totally counts as art class right?) So here’s my preview of the coming attractions and I’ll be sure to get lots of photos once we are finished.



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