Explaining Death

How do you explain to a parent that they have to bury their child? How do you explain to your own child that no it’s not a dream, their friend really is gone? This has been a tough week, my mini me lost a friend one day after his 18th birthday. He was still in high school, he had a girlfriend, a little brother, and more friends then he might have realized. It’s hard to lose someone you care about no matter their age, but it seems so much harder when they still had so much life left to live. The same day this boy died, another 18 year old young man from our county died of a motorcycle wreck. There have been so many young people (from 16-27) lost in the last few months, it doesn’t seem fair. From a Christian stand point I know those that were believers are in a better place, they are no longer sad and no longer feel any pain. But that doesn’t make it easier for the living that are left behind. So take a minute to tell someone you care, that they are loved. Tomorrow is never promised.


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