Save My Place by Olivia deBelle Byrd

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I want to say to start that this book strays from what I normally read and review. I am a huge fan of YA and fantasy however I do enjoy a good historical fiction when it is well written. Save My Place does fall into that category. It was not a long drawn out book, which I loved. Sometimes historical fiction is weighed down with lots of extra facts that don’t really play into the story. This novel was well written and gets right to the point.

The protagonist Elisabeth Belle Sterling was your typical southern belle in my opinion. She spends the first few chapters coming across as a shallow female only interested in finding a husband and then when still single at 22 she was resigned to be an old maid so she decides to go to graduate school. Now given the times we live in most women will be offended but thinking about when this novel is set (think 1950/1960 society) I can understand where she is coming from. This was a time when a woman was valued by her husband. If you couldn’t get married you became a teacher or secretary.

As the story progresses and Elisabeth meets Kincade we see a natural change in her personality. She becomes a wife yes, but she marries a man in the military which takes strength and courage. She goes from an idealistic child to a woman who understands suffering and pain and what true love means. Love is not a fairy tale, it is not easy or neat. Love is messy and hard and you have to work at it. She shows us that she is working at it, sometimes she fails and that makes her more realistic.

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to someone who wants a light-hearted historical romance. It’s just long enough to make you lose yourself in the story and not so long that you get bored by the time period. And don’t worry your place is saved.


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