Character sketch

     The house wasn’t the same to her anymore. Even though nothing about the house had changed in the nine years she had been gone, Ariel just didn’t feel like she was home. Ariel was only sixteen when she found out about the cancer and her so-called parents sent her back east for treatment. But now she was back, and she didn’t plan on anyone finding out how sick she really was. Maybe it wasn’t the house that changed, maybe she could finally see things clearly.
     Nine years was a long time for Ariel to hide her illness from her friends, but he family thought it was for the best. So she spent those nine years lieing to everyone who meant anything to her, including herself.
     Even though she had been sent away, Ariel found a way to make the best of the situation. The tutors her parents hired for her helped her to finish high school a year early. They also managed to help her take and complete college during her treatments. She even managed to get her master’s degree.
    Her degree was the real reason she came back home again, even though her family thought it was because she was finally cancer free. Ariel lied to them so they would not try to stop her from taking the teaching position at UC Sunnydale. All she wanted was to make her remaining years as normal as possible.


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