Fact or Fiction

I decided to take an online writing course (yes I am that person) and the assignment is to write a paragraph with one fact and three fictions then to write another paragraph with three facts and one fiction. So here goes, and hope you enjoy my work in progress. =)

During the winter on Mars almost 20% of the air freezes. This makes life here very uncomfortable. We landed on Mars in the year 2059 and have been here for almost 5 years. The team was made up of 5 couples, all with the hopes of creating a new society. Life on Earth was becoming increasingly difficult because of overpopulation and pollution. We never expected what we found though, I don’t think anyone could have.

You learn a lot when you are stuck inside a space camp. Especially since the winters here on Mars are so much longer then those back on Earth. With nothing to do but watch as Phobos sets twice each day, it became easy to set up a new way to tell time. But each time it sets, they come out to dance. We don’t know if they are actual Martians or if they are just a new life form that was planted here many years ago from a so-called failed Mars landing.


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