So I originally started this blog as a way to showcase my crafts, journal about our home school journey, and just basically work on my writing. So a place to vent and be myself. It’s turned into me mostly doing book reviews. Which I’m a huge reader so that is not a bad thing. Plus I’ve had the opportunity to read books by authors I’ve not read before and score some free books. So far I have not been disappointed. I’m currently reading Wind Catcher by Jeff Altabef and his daughter Erynn Altabef. I’m about 80% through it so my review well be coming soon. And so far, I’m loving it. I’m going to be posting some pictures to the blog also to showcase my crafts but that will be a little later. I’m still new to the blogging world. Hope everyone has a great week and thanks for stopping by and giving me a few minutes of your time.


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