Book Review: Werewolf Tale by Adam Gulledge

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The premise of this book is simple, teen boy tries to save girl gets tagged by werewolf and is then later bitten and is turned himself. I do think this book has potential but it has a lot of unnecessary detail. The main character Alex is fleshed out in great detail but the background characters seem unnecessary since they are not treated as more then extras. Personally while reading this book I got the sense that instead of trying to come out as a werewolf to his friends and family, the author was trying to use it as a metaphor for Alex just coming out. Especially given the connection between him and his friend Nathan. I might be wrong, that was just my impression. I can see this book becoming a great read with some serious editing. Take out some unnecessary info (too much on the skateboarding, and gaming aspects) add a little more physical detail about the werewolf change versus the emotional change and I think this can be a hit. For a first book this was ok, but like I said with work it can be great.


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