Rainy Day Blues

So for the last week I have just been posting book reviews. I love to read and what a better opportunity then to get free books for simply giving the author your honest opinion? Well I’m in a rut right now. Life is extremely stressful at this time, and the book I am supposed to be reading just isn’t doing anything for me yet (I’m only about 25% of the way into it though so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt). So instead of a book review I thought I would reach out and talk to my followers. It’s a cold, rainy day in iCraft land, so much so that I don’t want to pick up the book or my trusty crochet hook which is my other passion. Both of these things are bad for me though because 1) I made a commitment to finish the book and 2) I actually am working on a baby shower gift for a friend, AND I have a customer waiting on me to make some purses. So I really need to get off my bum and get to work. =) So trusty followers out there in the real world, how do you deal with the hum drums of stressful times and get motivated to do what needs to be done? Shoot me a comment I love hearing from you. And Have A Happy Wednesday!


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